Top 5 Questions to Ask a Graphic Designer



The design process at it’s best is a focused collaboration between client and designer, producing materials that further the mission of the client. At it’s worst it’s an expensive frustration producing ineffective materials that are a waste of everyone’s time & money. So you don’t fall down the rabbit hole of countless revisions, overdraft fees on your checking account and masses of hair missing from your head (that you’ve pulled out from utter frustration in response to seemingly futile communication efforts) consider approaching your next design project with these specific questions for your designer:

  1. Can you give me a written estimate?

Once you have communicated to your designer about the specifics of your project you must get a written estimate before you begin. This keeps both parties clear on expectations and costs – which are the root of all evil when not communicated clearly.

  1. When can I expect to see something?

After you have agreed on what needs to be done and how much it costs, make sure you let the designer know what your time frame is. If you don’t have one, the designer may take heart and not produce anything for quite some time. Clear deadlines keep everyone on track. The creative mind is never bored and your designer may just wander off if you’re not helping to keep them focused.

  1. How do you like to receive feedback?

Designers NEED feedback from the client to produce materials the client will be happy with. Being clear on how that happens is crucial to a successful project. Establishing your method of communication – whether phone, email, text or recorded video chat – will help facilitate positive results and keep the project moving forward.

  1. Is it ok if I give you some of my ideas?

There is a difference between wanting to see your ideas and telling your designer how to design. Designers LOVE to show people their ideas – it’s what we do. A good designer will want to help you out, so they will be happy to show you some of your ideas along with some of their ideas. That way the best possible outcome is most likely to develop. In many cases the designer will come up with something you’ve never thought of and you’ll see that thing you thought sounded really cool looks terrible.

  1. Is it ok if I just let you be creative?

Remember that you’ve hired a designer to bring her skills of creativity to the table. Good designers are well trained and have spent years honing their craft. The worst possible thing to do to a designer is to tell them how to design. If you can do it yourself, then you should. Save everyone from expensive therapy and don’t hire a creative person to be creative if you’re not willing to give them the freedom to create.

As a client, your responsibility is to communicate clearly, set expectations, be open to possibilities and expect amazing results!


Facebook Graphics

Adding a custom graphic to your Facebook Fan Page is a fantastic opportunity to keep your brand consistent and make your page more appealing to look at. Custom graphics are interesting & unique. It’s like a digital hand-shake, they visually say “Nice to meet you”, this is who I am… By adding color & graphics that are consistent with your brand, you reinforce your online presence. Each brand is unique. Every opportunity you have to further reinforce that brand is another opportunity to connect with your target market.

At ZenDezignz, I work with you to create custom graphics for your Facebook Fan page or any other part of your website or blog.

Social Media

Social Media is your friend!

Social Media is here to stay, so it’s best to learn how to use it. The best part is that a lot of it is FREE, once you get your presence established. I can help you do that.

Here at ZenDezignz, I work with businesses in setting up FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube pages with eye catching graphics that keep branding interesting and consistent. I also work with email marketing companies such as ‘Constant Contact’ and ‘MailChimp’ in designing e-mailable newsletters and customized ‘sign up boxes’ that encourage people to opt-in and help you build your list.

Social Media is a FREE tool that will help you grow your business in leaps & bounds! Don’t let it scare you away.

Website Design

You only have 3 seconds..

Every business needs some sort of online presence – even if you only have a one page website. Statistics show that 97% of consumers use the internet to research products and/or services, before they utilize those products and/or services (read more here). Once people land on your website, you only have 3 seconds to capture their attention. That’s all!

I develop, design and launch websites for businesses, large and small. My goal is to make the entire website design process as easy as possible. You don’t need to be a web expert, because I am. The service I provide for you looks like this:

1. Register your domain name
2. Set up your server
3. Develop a website built on the WordPress platform
4. Set up your email boxes
5. Test
6. Launch!

Did you know the West Coast mobile market is the largest in the U.S.? The sites I develop at ZenDezignz are mobile friendly, have some built in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and are visually engaging.

Click here for Website Design samples

Top 6 Reasons You Need a Logo in a Vector Format!

Vector Sample


1. Do you even know what a vector format is? A vector format is an outline of text or of an image.

2. How can my logo become a vector image if it isn’t already? Redraw the logo image with an outline, using a digital illustration tool. You can also use the auto trace tool in Adobe Illustrator. For text, you can simply use the command “convert to outlines” in Adobe InDesign. You may need to hire a designer to do this if you don’t have the technical skills or the correct programs.

3. Once the logo image is outlined, you can resize it to any size you want and it will always look good.

4. Why is this a good thing? If your logo is not a vector image and you try to resize it the image may become pixelated. Which means it will get zigzagged edges and won’t look clear. Which means your logo will look bad and your business will look unprofessional.

5. But those photographic images look so sleek. Yes, they do. But if your logo will not reproduce when and where you need it to, it’s not doing you any good.

6. Your logo is your professional image to the world, treat it with care and use it wisely.

Change Your FaceBook Page Name

facebook icon.hires

Yes, it really is easy to change your FaceBook page name and get rid of all those pesky numbers after it.

Here’s how in 4 easy steps:
1. From the top of the page you’d like to change, click on “Edit Page”
2. Select “Update Public Info”
3. Click on “Username” 
4. It will show you the current page name. In the box next to it,  enter the name you would like to have. A box will show up that you click on, to see  if that name is available. If it is, you’re set! If it’s not, enter a different name until you select one that is available for you to use.

Why Should I Work With A Professional Graphic Designer?

It’s FUN…it’s EASY…and it WORKS.

Potential clients frequently don’t know how to begin the process of working with a designer, or don’t understand the value it brings to their business. In our society of quick fixes and instant gratification, you may be lured into a quick design fix. There are lots of places online where you can get a quick logo, business card or brochure design…for a tiny bit of money. Yesterday, I found a site where you can buy a $50 logo! Wow, that’s cheap. After looking at the cheap logo site, I could see that the designers there used clip art (graphics & illustrations previously made and held in a sort of library) and didn’t spend much time using interesting typography (letters & numbers used together in a visually pleasing way). The designs were slapped together quickly. But, yes, they are logos, and yes, they are cheap. If you want a cheap & quick logo, working with a professional designer is not your best choice.

The difference you’ll find in working with a professional designer is that we spend a lot of time getting to know about you & your business. We want to represent your business from your unique perspective. Everyone has their own spark, their own personal reason for choosing to develop the business they’re in. A professional designer will be very interested in learning all about that unique spark and how to best represent it in today’s competitive marketplace.

I was on a phone interview yesterday with a potential client who’s searching for a designer to help him with a logo design. He had designed a logo of his own about a year ago and was realizing that it just didn’t have that professional edge he wants to be able to represent his business in a professional way. I asked him all sorts of questions to learn where he was coming from, what he did, where he wanted to take his business in the future. I could tell he was a little confused about all my questions. He was thinking…” I just want a logo, what does this have to do with it?” I explained to him, the more I knew about the specifics of his business now and where he wanted it to go in the future would help me determine the best way to represent his business in a visual way. There are vast amounts of psychology in color and graphics that professional designers use when developing a logo.

Investing in professional graphic design is an investment in the future of your business. Whether you’re needing a logo, a business card, a brochure or any type of print or web materials for your company it is a representation of you and your business. What is the image you are trying to portray? Professional? Fun? Casual? Who’s your market and what things appeal to them?  If you are a business coach and have a picture of a dog on your marketing materials (because you like dogs) people will have a hard time making a psychological connection to the visual representation of your business. They’ll think, “What do dogs have to do with business coaching? Will a dog make me more successful? What kind of dog should I have to be successful?” In other words, you’ll lose them at that critical moment when you could be peaking their interest in what it is you do and what you may be able to help them with.

If you’re interested in representing your business in a professional way, investing in the services of a professional graphic designer is always a good idea. I’m always happy to talk to past & future clients about what their design needs are and how they might achieve their goals. I don’t charge for discussing your project and helping you figure out the best direction for you.

Jones Soda and So So Happy Web Banner Designs

New web banner designs for advertising the collaboration happening between Jones Soda and So So Happy. A complimentary partnership for both. If you’d like to know more about the fun going on at So So Happy click here. For sweet treats of the limited edition So So Happy variety at Jones Soda click here.

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Jones Soda and The Guild Web Banner Designs

Incredible opportunity working with Jones Soda on their new line of soda labels for The Guild, an extremely popular web series with the techy crowd. Click on the link and check it out if you’re not familiar with the series.

These particular web banners are being used for the Jones affiliate marketing program, so you’ll see them popping up on websites all over the place.